Sherra Denise

Birthplace: Baltimore, MD

Age: 29

   I have always had a passion for all things makeup and beauty related. I taught myself at a young age how to do my own hair. It wasn't until my late high school years and my first semester in college where I became completely obsessed with makeup. It took me some years to actually step out of my comfort zone and begin to make something of my makeup skills. Now, as of 2019 I have been consistently pursuing my own MUA goals and I wanted to start with something as basic as a lash line.

   So Prettyishh Beauty is something that I want to introduce as my own, for all the pretty, strong, and confident females and males who are just as obsessed with beauty as I am. 

IG: @_shaybeats & @sherradenise

Facebook: @soprettyishhbeautyco

YouTube: @sherradenise